July Wrap-Up.

  This month has been something else, I have read more than I thought I would and some books have been better than others... This much reading success will never happen again for a long time. I've had amazing people come to stay and enjoyed relaxed lazy days with them. I have escaped to Brighton … Continue reading July Wrap-Up.



Everyone has a different opinion what home is. Home could be the place your parents are from, where you grew up or a person. People like, your family, friends or partner. If home was a where I grew up it would be London and if home was were my parents are from... well one place … Continue reading Home…

When it’s time for learning; you learn. Me, I go on holiday (Part 1)

It's not Term Time, it's Holiday Time. It is said that a child's education is something they will carry with them all through life. Pretty essential don't you think? Funny how I didn't include myself in that concept. Why you might ask? I'd rather be lying on a beach than sitting in a dull classroom. … Continue reading When it’s time for learning; you learn. Me, I go on holiday (Part 1)

Apply to University #2: Student Finance.

This is the second next big step. Much like UCAS any mistakes in this process can cause massive problems, but this is worse because mistakes in your student finance application can mean that you won't get your loan when you start which can be problematic. So like UCAS we suggest you take great care when … Continue reading Apply to University #2: Student Finance.