Heellloo, my name is Ally Cat.

Who knew writing a blog post about yourself would be sooooo difficult? Honestly, I wouldn’t know where to start or what you would want to know.

I guess interests are a good place to start. I LOVE reading and writing, it’s a form of adventure that I cannot seem to get enough of. Jay: Me too I find that when I do get the time to read and even write a page in my journal or a paragraph of a story, I get to escape into a world of my choosing or the world I’ve created. I wouldn’t say my writing is any special or a work of art, but it is a working progress.

Jay: Okay, I’m totally disagreeing with you. Her writing is Awesome! Look out for the soon coming book, I know I can’t wait! Jay you’re bad bring peoples hopes up.

A few other interests that I have are gaming, travelling, and movies… I am not going to lie I spend a ridiculous amount of time scrolling Tumblr and spending hours watching YouTube Videos.

Any questions just ask!


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