giphyFamily is an important part of any persons life. They are the people you first meet in the world, they teach you to walk, talk and smile. Family is such a big part of our lives whether you may not be in the best family, the richest family most loved family and so on… I guess what I am trying to say is our family are the people who shape us. Even though I may not be the most family orientated person some people in my family mean the world to me, besides my immediate family. It was very different when I was younger, I use to love all the family stuff, going to the parties, spending time with the family. But, with a big family there comes lots of drama and that is one thing I am not the biggest fan of. As much as I love them all, there is only so much one person can take, I guess another problem is that I don’t really talk to majority of my cousins. The main reason is because we don’t have a lot of the same interests and it makes it difficult to talk to them.

However, one of my cousins is amazing! He makes me laugh, smile and even though we spend very little time together the time we spend together is always interesting. We lay around playing games, talking, watching movies and eating more food than we most probably need. He’s the best, he is my best friend and a person who I know will always have my back.

giphy (2)So, my favourite cousin came round for two nights. It was epic and all I can say is I need a good 12 hours sleep! >>>>This is me. We’ve stayed up all night gaming, talking, watching movies and eating.

I come from a very large family on my dad’s side. He was one of 13 and they have children who are my cousins and then they have children… yeah there are a lot of us and then there are also my dads cousins and aunties and so on. I have an older brother who may at times be the bane of my existence but he is also one of the most caring and amazing person I know who’d do anything to ensure I am okay… even if he won’t admit it sober.

My mum and dad are two people who even though we fight and argue I wouldn’t change in the world and more often than not I wish I could take back all the harsh things I have said about them because they have given up so much for me and made sacrifices they shouldn’t have had to make… because my brother and I are selfish. We take for granted the love they have for us and we use their generosity to get what we want, but we are much better then we use to be… well I am.

Admittedly there are still somethings that I would never talk to my family about like my love life. I guess because there has been a strain on the relationship I have had with my family, it does make it a bit more difficult to open up to them about my problems… but, I also blame my school experience. But, that is a post for another day.


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