Everyone has a different opinion what home is. Home could be the place your parents are from, where you grew up or a person. People like, your family, friends or partner. If home was a where I grew up it would be London and if home was were my parents are from… well one place would be London still, but the other would be Mauritius.

Home is subjective to everyone, people will always disagree. People say home is wherever you make it or home is where your heart is. Your home is where you want it to be. Home could be on the other side of the world to your family or it could be right next to them.

I feel people think home is just one place… what if it isn’t? What if there is more than one place you call home? I guess this is all crazy and strange to be talking about a place that may or may not exist away from family. I guess the place where I have grown up has never really felt like home, I’ve never really felt comfortable? I don’t know, I guess home to me is not having to change who I am or to be someone else to fit in.

What is home to you?


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