Goodreads Group

We've created a Goodreads Group called: OMSOMA Reading Club! This is a group where we can discuss the books we are currently reading and then also if you want to join a read-a-long with us! Also, we want it to become a fun place to discuss ideas and new releases like books, films and music. … Continue reading Goodreads Group


Review: Life and Death.

Life and Death by Stephenie Meyer. Rating: 4.5/5 Twilight Reimagined. It's a gender reversed twilight with a twist! Discuss characters name. Ally Cat: At first I didn't like the names, it was hard to adjust to the change of the names. It was made easier to know who was who by keeping the first letters … Continue reading Review: Life and Death.

Apply to University #2: Student Finance.

This is the second next big step. Much like UCAS any mistakes in this process can cause massive problems, but this is worse because mistakes in your student finance application can mean that you won't get your loan when you start which can be problematic. So like UCAS we suggest you take great care when … Continue reading Apply to University #2: Student Finance.