The Horror of the World!

The world we live in now is a scary place for everyone. No matter who you are or what you do there is a chance you will be subjected to something, abuse, threat or racial slur. It is truly scary. The thought the world began to improve and it relapsed to the old ways of … Continue reading The Horror of the World!



Okay, with the first couple of weeks of uni happening it has been difficult to find a balance and it is honestly a working progress. Everything has been hectic and I haven't found a flow to do everything I want to do, that includes writing, blogging and general life stuff. ^^^^^^^^That is currently my brain … Continue reading M.I.A


Everyone has a different opinion what home is. Home could be the place your parents are from, where you grew up or a person. People like, your family, friends or partner. If home was a where I grew up it would be London and if home was were my parents are from... well one place … Continue reading Home…