Review: ‘How to be a Bawse’ by Lilly Singh

This book is an inspiration!! It gave me the kick in the right direction to do what I needed to, her words made me want to help improve myself. I listened to the audiobook and hearing Lilly talking was like watching one of her YouTube videos. This book will make you take your wall down … Continue reading Review: ‘How to be a Bawse’ by Lilly Singh


Journal Entry #136

Now before we begin, I would like to remind you the drama that happens is real, a few details may be adjusted for the privacy of those involved other than that Happy Reading! " Thought I'd start off with a new page - cheeky I know hehehehehehe. Ok - enough. Today has been interesting apparently … Continue reading Journal Entry #136

Journals: Are they the real windows to our soul?

It's through the common belief that the eyes are indeed the windows to the soul. Ever had that one friend that would be "Look me in the eyes so I know you're not lying"¬†or "Look me in the eye and say it!" and just to prove you're right, you do? Or when you're crushing hard … Continue reading Journals: Are they the real windows to our soul?


Okay, with the first couple of weeks of uni happening it has been difficult to find a balance and it is honestly a working progress. Everything has been hectic and I haven't found a flow to do everything I want to do, that includes writing, blogging and general life stuff. ^^^^^^^^That is currently my brain … Continue reading M.I.A